Give your story MEANING - We’re your creative partner. We listen, learn about your brand and goals. How will your story reach your audience? Video. Radio. TV. Online. Digital media. Animated explainer. Documentary. Training. Corporate. Event video. Live event. Education. Meeting. Whiteboard video. PowerPoint or Keynote presentation. Or any combination thereof. We help with strategic planning and creative thinking. Then story development. Concepts. Storyboards. We write your script or copy. And finally, we book the crew, cast and talent, complete all contracts, budgets and schedules. working together, your story is ready to tell.


Give your story LIFE - Our job now is to tell your story visually. Bring the script to life, create the moments that will connect with your audience. We’ve shot around the world and next door, using every camera, piece of equipment and technique you can think of. We’ve developed some of our own too. We’ve been getting great work from actors. We’ve been conducting the best interviews. Our animations have charmed audiences. Directing touching, funny, powerful voice-over recordings. We’ve delivered better video and better results for over 20 years. working together, your story is ready to be shot.


Give your story FORM - Every edit suite offers: HD, 4K, ingesting, transcoding, colour grading, rendering, synchronizing, bins, timelines, metadata, animation, 2D, 3D, 360° VR editing, kinetic typography, design, motion graphics, layers, overlays, audio mixing, exporting, uploading, mastering. We do all this too. BUT. Design and technology without real content is just garnish. Capturing the precise moment, the right rhythm, the perfect soundtrack are trademarks of a great editor. The gift of storytelling. To cause reaction. To inspire action. working together, your story is ready.


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